Prosecco Recall!

Prosecco Recall!

If you are a Prosecco fan then you might want to take note of this latest recall issued by the Food Standards Agency!

The wine society is recalling bottles of its ‘Prosecco Brut i Duecento’ wine because of reports of some bottles shattering.

The company have said: ‘Should you have any bottles remaining, we would kindly request you to handle any individual bottles with care by wrapping the bottle in a cloth (e.g. an old towel), and placing it in a plastic bag and carton in a cool place to await collection. Under no circumstances should the bottles be opened. We would be grateful if you could refrain from disposing of any bottles yourself and instead contact The Wine Society by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 01438 741177 to advise us of the number of bottles that you hold. We will then arrange for them to be collected and for your share to be credited.


Obviously this is a big safety hazard and could cause serious injury, so please feel free to pass this message on to friends and family who may have bottles in their homes!

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