Protective Phone Covers for just 1p!!!

I never know what to get the hubby for Christmas – what do you buy the man who has it all? Well he got me didn’t he 😉

Anything a bit techie or accessories for his various gadgets are always a winner and I’ve just spotted these amazing deals on tablet and phone protective gel covers for loads of devices including the Google Nexus 7 Android tablet, iPad Mini, iPhone 5C and even iPhone 6 ALL reduced from between £14 and £20 to just 1p + £1.99 postage!

These are protective covers in different colours so as well as giving your man something extra to open on Christmas morning you’ll be adding years to the life of his phone or tablet whilst giving it a face lift at the same time, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving! I’ve looked around but don’t think it’s possible to get this stuff for under £2 anywhere – but if you find something i’m missing let me know.

If you order today you’ll get it in time for Christmas as 3-5 day delivery is available on all of them.

Check out the range going for 1p plus £1.99p&p here 

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