How to put a stop to spam text messages

How To Put A Stop To Spam Text Messages

Spam text messages are a growing problem for all of us, and it’s becoming increasingly common for randomly generated numbers to get in touch with us claiming to be PPI claims handlers or debt write off firms. Yes, it can be extremely annoying, however, there are some actions we can take if they do become a nuisance.

The first thing you need to do is identify what sort of spam text message it is that you’re receiving. From there you can work out what kind of action needs to be taken. However, no matter what kind of spam text message you believe it to be, or where you assume it has come from, do NOT reply. By responding to spam you are confirming to the companies behind the messages that your number is active, and it is likely that your details will be sold on to injury claims specialists, PPI reclaiming firms or other marketers who may spam you further.

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Standard spam text messages are sent from randomly generated numbers claiming to be an advertising or claims handling service, whose aims are to obtain personal details from you. To stop these you can try complaining to the information commissioner on 03031231113. They have the power to fine the firms for breaches of the Privacy and Electronic Communications act.

If you are receiving legitimate marketing messages, which are easy enough to spot because they identify their company within the text. In this instance, you can contact the company directly and request that they stop. Failing that, you still have the option to complain to the Information Commissioner.

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