‘Quiet hour’ for Autistic shoppers to be rolled out in more stores

‘Quiet hour’ for Autistic shoppers to be rolled out in more stores

More big named brands are getting on board with this…

Last month we told you how an Asda living store had decided to hold a ‘quiet hour’ for autistic and disabled shoppers.

The first quiet hour happened on Saturday 7th May at 8am and it was a huge success so it will now become a regular Saturday event.

Now 9 more stores in Machester Fort shopping centre have joined in and they will also be hosting their own ‘quiet hour’.

The stores which are going to be taking part are Argos, Nike, Mothercare, Boots, Trespass, Carphone Warehouse, Clarks, Maplin and Outfit.

The new stores which are taking part will start their quiet hour from 9am on Saturday mornings.

Once the ‘quiet hour’ commences, all in-store music and display TVs will be turned off and escalators stopped. Not only this, but there will be pictures instead of words labelling where things are.

Do you think more stores should get involved? Should this be rolled out across the UK?

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