Quirky Father’s Day Gifts On A Budget!

Quirky Fathers Day Gifts On A Budget!

I know how difficult it is trying to find the perfect Father’s day gift without having to splash out a fortune! So I’ve come across 5 quirky and unique gift ideas to give you a helping hand! Whether you’d like to go for the personalised gift or just  opt for something plain and simple, take a look at these ideas.

Personalised Gift Ideas

If your Dad prefers something with a personal touch, then there are plenty of personalised gift ideas out there. For example, www.gettingpersonal.co.uk have a large variety of personalised items.

Personalised chocolate bars!

CLICK HERE to choose from a range of personalised chocolate bars from £5.99! This is especially a great idea if your Dad has a sweet tooth. Here you can literally choose any deesign or even add a photograph of the two of you! Much better idea than your bog-standard photo in a frame!

Personalised pint glasses!

CLICK HERE to buy personalised pint glasses from £9.99! Nothing quite says happy Fathers day like a personalised pint glass! If your Dad enjoys a drink or two after a hard days graft then this could be the ideal gift for him!

Personalised prints!

CLICK HERE if you fancy buying your Dad a personalised photo upload print, perfect for adding a touch of humour to your gift!



Gadget Gift Ideas

If your Father loves a gadget or two then how about one of these gifts? From portable chargers to watches that count calories, the possibilities are endless!

Heart rate monitor/ calorie counter watch

CLICK HERE to buy your Dad an Oregon scientific heart rate monitor and watch with calorie counter for just £8.99. This would be an impressive gift for any of those health conscious fathers out there 

Portable power bank with built-in speaker

CLICK HERE to view the portable phone charger with built-in speaker for just £14.99! This would be ideal for any father who loves his smartphone! This is such a handy little device to have as we all know how fast our phone batteries can die. And to have it double up as a speaker too, this could possibly the coolest fathers day gift!


USB Mug Warmer

CLICK HERE to treat your Dad to a ‘Hot Cookie’ USB Mug Warmer for just £11.99! Perfect for the office. This little device will plug into his computer and heat up the coaster, so no more cold tea surprises!


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