Rainbow Roses

Rainbow Roses are gorgeous and so different

You may have seen I posted about them recently?

I posted an image on my Facebook page recently of Rainbow Roses. Last year my husband was in Tesco on Valentines Day and seen Rainbow Roses for the first time. He knew I would love them as they are so pretty and something different, he wasn’t wrong! For a single Rainbow Rose it was £2.50 which isn’t too bad, it lasted just under a week.

I decided to share the image on my Facebook page as Valentines Day inspiration for you guys and it went VIRAL! There were millions of likes, comments and shares on the post and most people loved it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.00.07 The post I put out that went viral

One of the most popular comments on the post was from a lady named Rachel which read ”You can buy these at your local florist for £2.50 so head there and support your local shops before they disappear from the high streets and you’re left with big supermarkets. You can support the local economy. My shop makes ones like these too and they sell so many different varieties of roses, and rainbow roses in the pastel shades too! www.facebook.com/thewhitepetalcompany

A few hours later I received an inbox message from Rachel… ”Ashleigh, Thank you for posting about rainbow roses today! My comment alone so far has over 350 likes, and just in the past couple of hours we have gained lots and lots of new likes to our business page. Many people have messaged also, and are wanting us to post these out all over the UK. We normally only deliver locally (to Edinburgh) and now all of sudden have a huge interest nationally.”

I was SO happy when I read this, to know that a small local business has suddenly gone national because of one of my posts is an amazing feeling. 

I am all for helping the high street and small businesses, so I have been intouch with Rachel and we have decided to join forces in the run up to Valentines Day and supply the UK with Rainbow Roses, or your favourite flowers of choice 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.01.54Rachels post now has over 700 ‘likes’

After doing some online research myself, it seems that flowers bought from a florists do last longer than supermarket bought flowers. I am going to order a single Rainbow Rose from Rachel’s store, The White Petal Company to see if I can back this up.

The White Petal Company, sells Rainbow Roses for the same starting price as Tesco at £2.50 but they will last longer so it is a no brainer. 

So why not help me support The White Petal Company and head over to their Facebook page now and place your order…

rainbow roses I love this bouquet of Rainbow Roses from The White Petal Company

Some more gorgeous bouquets from The White Petal Company…






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