Read this before buying Nurofen again!

Read this before buying Nurofen again!

It has been revealed that Brits are paying 567% more for big brand medications for no reason at all.

Nurofen, Lemsip, Clarityn and Centrum cost almost five times as much as supermarket and chemists’ own brands despite being exactly as effective at treating pain, hayfever and colds according to The Mirror.

Research conducted by has discovered that big brand products have exactly the same ingredients in them as supermarkets own, yet they are so much more expensive!

Professor Jayne Lawrence, chief scientist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society told The Mirror: ‘Once the patent on the original version runs out, other companies are free to make their own version, and as they don’t bear the original development costs they can sell it much more cheaply. Branded and generic products are the same if the dose of the drug and the formulation are exactly the same.’

You can pick up Asda and Tesco own brand tablets for as little as 30p which has the same ingredients as Nurofen, whereas Nurofen costs around £2.

This proves that we are often tricked into paying for the packaging and marketing of a product, when really the cheaper alternatives are often just as good.

CLICK HERE to read more about Brits paying 567% more for no reason at all.

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