Read this before putting babies in their car seats!

Read this before putting babies in their car seats!

This isn’t really money saving but I definitely think it’s worth a post to help make others aware.

Warnings have been issued about the heat this week and we all know to protect our littles ones with plenty of suncream in the scorching weather, but not many of us realise the dangers of sitting the children in their car seats after the sun has been shining.

Today I seen a picture posted on Facebook of a little girl who had what looked like an extremely painful blister on her leg caused by a severe burn. When I clicked on it the girls mother had wrote: ‘Be careful when putting babies in their car seats …. Ellie has 2nd-degree burn from her car seat buckle the metal part.. When I sat her in the car like I normally do she freaked which is normal for Ellie. When I got home and went to change her she had a big blister from where it was so hot and burnt her. Thankfully she is going to be fine, I took her to children’s to get looked at but I don’t want to see it happen to another baby so make sure you check the metal buckle part.’ 


It’s not only car seats that are causing serious injuries to children in the hot weather, there was another post on social media yesterday which was very hard hitting which a mother shared of her little girl. Her whole foot had been seriously burned and had blistered after she’d stepped on an outdoor metal climbing frame in the heat. Her mother was urging parents to be extremely careful when letting children play in playgrounds in the summer. 

The distressing post reads: ‘I beg you, please don’t just throw your children on metal toys at the playground, aquatic centres, backyards, or anywhere! They get hotter than we know and can seriously burn their tender skin. Plastic can get really hot too. Please, please, please check the toys your child is going to be playing on and remember, if it’s hot to you, it’s hotter to them.

So please feel free to pass this message on to other parents as many wouldn’t even imagine that these injuries could be caused by something so small as a car seat, or a play area. 

CLICK HERE to find out what the new government rules are regarding lunchbox inspections.


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