Do You REALLY Have To Smuggle Snacks Into The Cinema?

We’ve all done it. Stuffing packs of Haribo into handbags or crisps into your coat pockets. But will you ACTUALLY be told off for taking your own snacks into the cinema?

Cinema food is renowned for being seriously expensive. £4 for a large Coke? No thanks! These steep prices have led to the public always smuggling snacks into film screenings. However, cinema staff can’t actually confiscate your own food from you.

Tango Ice Blasts, popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and not to mention pick and mix, make cinemas a shedload of money. So obviously, staff would prefer you to buy your snacks in the cinema.

But, if you’re money-savvy and bring in your own food from home, they won’t explicitly tell you that you’re not allowed to have it. Of course, we’re just talking snacks here. If you brought in a full bowl of bolognese, they mightn’t be so hospitable. Same goes for alcohol.

So, next time you head to see the latest blockbuster, just know – you don’t HAVE to hide your snacks!

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