RECALL! Children’s Christmas books due to mould!

RECALL! Children’s Christmas books due to mould!

Have you bought any children’s Christmas books recently?

If so then you may want to check this recall notice issued by the trading standards agency.

The books affected are called ‘That’s not my Santa’ and ‘That’s not my reindeer’.

Initially the books were only being recalled if they had been bought from Sainsbury’s, but now Trading Standards Agency are recalling the items from ALL retailers.


The recall is due to a humidity problem found with some batches which have been delivered. This is a serious safety concern because mould has been forming on the books putting customers at risk.

Even if your book featuring these batch numbers has not developed any mould, we ask you to please return your copy to the place of purchase for a full refund.

CLICK HERE for the full notice over on Trading Standards website.

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