RECALL: Tesco Curry Ready Meal

Tesco have issued a recall on one of their curry ready meals after concerns that they could cause allergic reactions.

The vegan Caribbean Jerk Curry pots made by brand BOL Foods fail to state that the meal contains milk and barley.

The error means that if anyone with milk or gluten allergies consumes the dish it could be a health risk.

Both dairy intolerant people, and those who suffer from coeliac disease, may be affected by the ingredients which could cause reactions such as tummy ache, vomiting, colic, diarrhoea and constipation.

Image: BOL/ The Sun

The affected pots are those with the use by date of the 5th may.

Bol Foods is urging its customers with allergies to refrain from eating the meal and return it for an exchange.

Alternatively, the item can also be returned to a local Tesco store for a full refund too.

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