Remember You’re A Womble

Remember You’re A Womble

“Making good use of the things that they find, the Wombles of Wimbledon friendly and kind.” It’s not exactly Wimbledon, it’s Asda’s car park actually, but for some that means richer pickings. Let me introduce you to the art of Wombling, this, just like it’s furry name sake, involves you picking up discarded receipts that other messy people have dropped and left behind. Why would I want to pick up litter? I hear you say, because it’s worth money is the answer.

At Asda, if you go to their web site and type in the code at the bottom of the receipt it will do the 10% cheaper challenge and check your shopping (or someone else’s if you Wombled the receipt) against the other supermarkets, if you could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere they will generate a coupon for you for the difference. That’s a good idea if you do shop at Asda, an even better one if you did not have to buy the shopping in the first place.

Morrison’s are another one that likes till receipt coupons especially during their promotions where you have to collect a coupon each week off a £40 shop or such like, these are often discarded by the people who are not going to be doing a shop each week so they are of no value to them. I had a Morrison’s on my way home from work and a quick check as I walked past each day meant that I got 3 sets of these money saving coupons and had not spent a penny in store, not only that but I was able to give a few spares to a friend.

Finally, if you have any cash back apps on your phone and you pick up a receipt that is currently part of their offer (fresh milk and bread are is almost always on) you can get the money back into your account without having to buy any of the shopping in the first place, meaning it’s all profit.

These little savings really do add up and you can bank yourself a nice chunk of change and help the environment by picking up the litter at the same time, so whether you’re underground or over ground you can Womble for free.

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