Are retailers doing enough to reduce food waste?

Are retailers doing enough to reduce food waste?

While many are relying on food banks, companies are still throwing away food at the end of the day…

At the beginning of the week, one of my friends shared a photo on Boots Facebook page after finding out that they threw lots of sandwiches out at the end of the day.

Should they have been donated to a food bank, given away to customers before the store closed, given to a homeless shelter or were they right to discard the sandwiches as waste?

Dee’s post on Boots Facebook page said ”Boots Newcastle upon Tyne. Bins filled with in date sandwiches. Tonight. Homeless could have these!!”

Are retailers doing enough to reduce food waste?

Boots replied saying ”Hello Dee. Thanks for sharing this image with us. We did donate our sandwiches previously but due to health & safety concerns we have had to stop. We’re currently reviewing the situation going forward. Thanks, Helen”

Many people commenting on the status aren’t happy with this as they believe they should have been donated.

It does make you wonder if enough retailers donating any left over food items at the end of the day to a good cause?

We already know that at least 40% of farmers crops are being rejected by supermarkets because they are not the right shape or colour. Because of this, some farms are dumping 20 tonnes of their crops every week.

Tesco have recently finalised a deal to give all of its unspoiled food to around 5000 charities across the UK which could help hundreds of thousands of people in need.

Supermarket stores in France are banned from throwing away left over food, should the UK follow their lead?

Should smaller stores be doing their bit to help the community too?

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