Robbers Attack Child With Harmful Chemicals

Robbers Attack Child With Harmful Chemicals

After advertising on Gumtree, two women and a young boy were attacked by two men, posing as potential buyers.

One of the victims advertised two laptops on the advertising site Gumtree. Presumably after getting a response to the ad, they informed the men where they lived, so they could inspect the products and hopefully make the purchase and buy the products.

The attack took place on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at around 4pm. After the men arrived and the seller let them into the home, they started to inspect the products. Whilst looking at the products one of the men started to spray both of the women with chemicals. One of the women was aged 28 and the other 26. Whilst this was happening the 9 year old boy, who was also in the house, tried to flee. However, this wasn’t very effective as he tripped giving the assailants the opportunity to attack him as well. Once the women and boy were hurt, the men grabbed the laptops  and ran. Both men got away and currently have not been caught.

After closer inspection the police said that they were spayed with a ‘noxious substance’. All of the victims were treated on the scene, with no hospitals required.

The men have been described as Eastern European, one of the men was wearing a dark leather jacket with short brown hair and the other wearing a black jacket and had a neck tattoo.

The police want people with any information to come forward by contacting them using the 101 number and quoting the reference numbers 205697 and 205700. Alternatively you can contact the crimestoppers anomalously at 0800 555 111.

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