Rub Smokehouse comes to Newcastle

Rub Smokehouse comes to Newcastle

It is now open and I have now been along – see further down this post for my review…

Rub Smokehouse is already massive in Birmingham and Nottingham, now us lucky Geordies are getting our own Rub Smokehouse!

Has anyone been to any of the branches? What do you think?

I met the guys behind the opening of the latest Rub Smokehouse, which can be found in The Gate in the heart of Newcastle, they were very excited to tell me about the history of the company as well as their passion to create the perfect food for their customers.

If you like your burgers big, a shot of JD garnished with hickory smoked bacon and your music loud then this is going to be the place for you!

If you do pay Rub Smokehouse a visit then their hashtag is fantastic (yep, I’m easily pleased) #Rubyourselfie – Use it when sharing your food snaps across social media.

When I met up with the Rub team they told me how none of their food is frozen, they have a freezer purely for ice-cream only. All the meat is sourced from UK and is delivered fresh every day. Everything is made on site and you can expect nothing but the best when you visit them.

Lunch menus are a bargain too starting at £4.95 but the excitement is with their #EpicSpecials…

Pop Goes the Cookie Burger (When I told my husband about this burger he suggested a date night, he’s never suggested a date night!)

Three chocolate chip cookies sandwiching two cheeseburgers with pulled pork, nutella bacon, peanut butter, rub spiced popcorn, merengue, marshmallows and french fries with chocolate sauce.

Rub Smokehouse comes to Newcastle

The Donut & Waffle Burger Love Child 

Southern Fried Chicken, a dirty brisket & jacobs ladder cheeseburger, sixteen hour slow cooked hickory pork, served on a waffle topped with a Krispy Kreme iced donut, add a gherkin (purchase not necessary) and a candy floss garnish. Served with some plain fries. (as you wouldn’t want to over do it now would you ?)

Rub Smokehouse comes to Newcastle

Reese’s Chicken n Waffles 

We’ve gone Reese’s Crazy. Some will say this is just WRONG some will say it is sooooooooooo RIGHT. What will you say?Reese’s Chicken n Waffles with Chocolate Covered Bacon. Yep thats southern fried chicken with dark chocolate, white chocolate & peanut butter.

Rub Smokehouse comes to Newcastle

Are you ready for the next one?

Are you sure?

This could be the most extreme on the menu…

The Dr Way Out West BurShake 

Imagine the deliciousness of a malty Dr Pepper Shake, well  we’ve added Rub Ruby Red Beer to a chocolate & Dr Pepper Shake, coated the glass in Nutella, M&Ms and added a triple cheese waffle burger on top with an onion ring and bacon for good measure. Eat and drink the lot in 12 minutes and win a Rub T-shirt.

Rub Smokehouse comes to Newcastle

I could go on all day here so why not check out their website and Facebook page for the latest amazing looking creations? Oh yeah, they also do kitchen sink sundaes…

Visit Rub Smokehouse website here.

Visit Rub Smokehouse Facebook here.

Rub Smokehouse comes to Newcastle

My review of Rub Smokehouse Newcastle upon Tyne

My husband and I headed along to Rub one evening for a rare date night.


When we arrived we got some pigs in blankets and pork scratching while we looked over the menus. This did actually take some time because there was so much I wanted to try but didn’t know where to start.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 11.01.04


You must check out their cocktail menu when you visit – they are so fun and come in some crazy glasses or have a random crazy ingredient – a cocktail containing peanut butter anyone?

Aaron decided on a peanut butter milkshake (it was delicious as I sneaked a sip) and I went for the ‘Woo Woo it’s the sound of da police’ cocktail haha! We also ordered a pint of Coca Cola to share.



James who is the manager of Rub suggested the pulled pork garlic bread to start – I can see why!

Two garlic breads which sandwiched BBQ’d pulled pork then covered in cheese – this was an absolute taste sensation and you must try it!


Because Rub Smokehouse is all about huge portions and going large make sure you head there on an empty stomach as we were about to find out…

Aaron opted for chicken and waffles – Rub Spiced & Floured Fried Chicken with Belgian Waffles served with Maple syrup and our white BBQ sauce with your choice of 1 side. This was some size and the photo doesn’t do it anywhere near enough justice. The chicken stack was the same height as the pint glass!

He tried so hard to finish it but it just wasn’t going to happen and unfortunately it was Food 1 – Aaron 0.



I opted for the Rub burger – 6oz coarsely ground aged beef pit burger with slaw, lettuce and BBQ sauce on brioche bun. I added cheese, bacon and caramelised onions on too… huge mistake! Don’t get me wrong it was absolutely delicious but I just couldn’t eat it all as there was far too much.



We didn’t have room for desserts even though we had really wanted to try one so we are planning on not eating next week and heading back on Friday to try again.

They sell brownies from Brownie Heaven which you can take away, we grabbed some and ate them the following day when we finally started to feel peckish. The flavours were amazing!

Jaffa cake, Dr Pepper and hazelnut – you must try them, they were soooo good!




Thank you Rub Smokehouse for an AMAZING visit and we will see you next week – this time we won’t be defeated…



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