Ryanair refuse to sit 3-year-old with her parents!

Ryanair refuse to sit 3-year-old with her parents!

Budget airline Ryanair has been in the headlines yet again this week and this time it’s for all the wrong reasons!

The airline is again under fire after it forced a three-year-old girl to sit by herself away from the rest of her family on a flight from Liverpool to Faro.

When Chris and Kim Parr booked their flights, they assumed that they would all be sat together, however once they had arrived at the airport they found out the family had been spread out across the plane. 

After they asked for their seats to be changed, they were told that they’d have to pay extra if they wanted to sit next to their three-year-old on her three-hour flight home from Portugal!


The budget airline said there was nothing they could do to help Chris and Kim Parr after splitting up their booking so their daughter Lily was sat by herself for the Faro to Liverpool flight – because they hadn’t forked out extra to reserve specific seats.

Understandably this story has caused outrage for many families who are planning on flying with the airline over the summer as they feel like this is all a money making scam in order for the airline to make ‘family tax’.

It was not stated to the family at any point that the only way to guarantee seats next to each other would be to pay between £5.99 and £8.99 per person, and the family only realised that their daughter was placed somewhere else four days before their flight home when they printed off their boarding passes.

The cost varies depending on the route and the details of the booking. Otherwise, the carrier as at liberty to assign passengers any available seat on board their aircraft.

Having assumed their seats would be beside each other, Chris didn’t see the need to pay any additional costs!

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  1. I’m personally not believing that they didn’t realise that they wouldn’t be sat together if they hadn’t paid! I appreciate that this may have been upsetting however if they were that concerned about their daughter not sat next to them why didn’t one of the parents sit alone! Looks to me like they were trying to get round the system that many others have to pay for.

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