Ryanair to offer £10 tickets to America!

Ryanair to offer £10 tickets to America!

How would you like to fly to America for as little as £10? It may sound slightly ridiculous, but according to Ryainair, you should be able to withing five years!

The budget airline is renowned for their low prices, and now they have revealed plans to fly passengers to the US from 14 major European hubs. Passengers will then be able to fly to their choice of 14 US cities including New York, Boston and Miami.

A Ryanair spokesman told The Mirror: ‘European consumers want lower cost travel to the USA and the same for Americans coming to Europe. We see it as a logical development in the European market. It’s dependent on obtaining viable long-haul aircraft and we estimate that’s four to five years away.”

Customers are hoping that Ryanair’s decision to enter the long-haul market will not only provide them with cheap flights, but also encourage other airlines to drop their prices.

The transatlantic route is currently dominated by British Airways, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic but it is also one of the most profitable in the world!

CLICK HERE to read more over on The Mirror.

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