Safety features that can save you money on car insurance.

Safety features that can save you money on car insurance.

I understand that car insurance can be a big financial problem for lots of motorists. It doesn’t exactly come cheap. However, If you want to keep your insurance down to the lowest price physically possible, there are some safety features you can add yourself which will lower the cost.

There are hundreds of new features around these days which are designed to give you added safety whilst on the roads, here are my top 4:

Protect your ride!

If you can protect your vehicle by fitting an alarm or immobiliser then big savings can be made, especially ones approved by Thatcham. The bill will decrease substantially.

Pass Plus!

If you’ve recently passed your driving test, the last thing you want to do is take another driving test. But by qualifying on the advanced drivingPass Plus course, you could reduce car insurance premiums by up to a third.

Install a Dashcam!

The first thing I’m going to be buying as soon as I pass my test is a Dashcam! They are extremely simple to install and can save me money. I have heard of so many friends and family members who have been involved in minor accidents where the other drivers have tried to make dodgy claims. Insurers are starting to cut the premiums of those drivers who record their journeys.

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Little Black Box!

Another little trick is ‘the little black box’, also known as a telematics device. The telematic policy is a policy that prices your premiums depending on how you drive. By having the device fitted into your car after you’ve passed your test, you can feed data back to your insurer which tells them information about how fast you’re driving, how harsh you’re breaking, and how swiftly you’re taking corners etc. Ultimately, if you prove yourself to be a safe driver, then you could earn yourself money back on your premiums.

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