SAFETY RECALL! Hover-boards!

SAFETY RECALL! Hover-boards!

I have seen lots of posts on social media lately regarding the safety of the popular new electronic hoverboards.

They look like they could be great fun, but after seeing this recall I’m left wondering how safe they actually are.

Costco have today announced that they have issued a safety warning over the boards sold in its stores as there is a risk of electrocution.

The store were selling the boards for £400 but there is now a risk of electricution as It’s thought that the wrong plugs are being used.

The company has said: ‘We go to great lengths to ensure the merchandise we sell reaches the highest standards in safety and quality. We are concerned that some of our Air Runners may have an incorrect mains plug. If used, there could be a risk of electrocution.’

Anybody who is unhappy with the product can return the item to the store for a full refund or can request a safer replacement plug if you destroy the old lead.

CLICK HERE to read the ful story.

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