Safety warning! How safe is your phone charger?

Safety warning! How safe is your phone charger?

Not many people are aware of the dangers that can come from using cheap electrical devices. Lots of them fail to meet the requirements of the electrical equipment safety regulations and therefore can be a massive safety hazard.

I am hearing about more and more house fires that have been started through cheap chargers, some of them being deadly, so I’d like to just draw people’s attention to the dangers!

According to Electrical Safety First’s website, 1.8 million chargers are bought online in the UK by mobile phone owners in search of a bargain. Though it’s often cheaper to buy imported, unofficial chargers, the cost can be much greater in the long run.


Fake or unofficial chargers are often made with poor quality components that means they can cause injury, electric shocks and even fires

A central part of the safety concerns experts have with products bought online focuses on generic chargers – advertised as being compatible with a number of devices. Because different devices require different levels of charge, generic chargers run the risk of putting too much energy into a device, causing the battery to overheat and eventually explode, in worst case scenarios causing a fire.

Another common hazard for these chargers, is leaving them to charge unattended overnight. It is also important to think about where items are being left whilst they charge. For example, if a product is charged on a flammable surface, that increases the chance of a fire spreading.

CLICK HERE to visit Electrical Safety Firsts website!

What to watch out for!

ALWAYS use a genuine charger that is right for your product. Chargers advertised on internet shopping or auction sites may not always be what they seem.

DO NOT overcharge your device. Once your item is fully charged, disconnect it and turn the charger off.

NEVER cover your charger when it’s in use. Chargers give off a small amount of heat that build up if they are covered.

NEVER use a charger if it shows any signs of damage or appears to be not working properly.



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