Who said romance was dead?! Tesco delivery for a lucky lady…

Who said romance was dead?! Tesco delivery for a lucky lady…

So, you’ve just been on a date then a couple of days later Tesco arrive at your door – yeah that!

33-year-old Lindsey Jones from Cardiff went on a first date with an older man from London. Her date travelled all the way from London to Cardiff to have lunch with her so he was obviously smitten.

After the lunch her date got back in-touch and asked for her home address, guessing it was to send her some flowers Lindsey supplied her address.

However, 2 days later a Tesco grocery delivery van arrived at her door.

Lindsey explained: “I met the man for lunch last week and it was perfectly fine but I didn’t really want to go ahead with a second date. I hadn’t yet responded to his request to go out for dinner, so I was a bit shocked when a Tesco delivery driver walked up the driveway holding a crate of food. I told him he must be mistaken, but he said it was the correct house number. As I rifled through it and saw the steak and mussels, I suddenly remembered the conversation I’d had with my date two days earlier. We’d been comparing all the things we’d eat and drink for our last meal (fillet steak, mussels, Hendricks gin, tonic water and a box of chocolates). I found it quite weird, to be honest. I was a little bit creeped out. I’d only spent two hours with the man over lunch!”

Lindsey said that although it was a “lovely gesture” she doesn’t want a second date and is planning on blocking the man’s number.

Would you be freaked out if someone done this for you?


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