Sainsbury’s ditching their price match pledge!

Sainsbury’s ditching their price match pledge!

Sainsbury’s are to ditch their famous price match pledge and I don’t think customers are too happy.

The supermarket has previously given customers money off vouchers if they could have bought branded items, but it seems that more people are now choosing Aldi and Lidl instead due to their uncomplicated low prices.

Sainsbury’s are now going to use the money saved to cut prices on their basic items instead to encourage customers to shop ‘little and often.’

The cut comes after customers complained that the ‘brand match’ procedure was too complicated, and they could only get money off if they had purchased more than 10 items in store. Even then customers would be given vouchers rather than cash in hand.

Marketing director, Sarah Warby, said: “Customers have told us that they want lower regular prices, and that this is more important to them than Brand Match. We’ve taken this on board and will now be investing all of the money from the scheme into lowering the regular prices on everyday products.”

Sainsbury’s have confirmed that they’ll stop their voucher offers after 26th April.

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