Sainsbury’s Toy Glitch – Be Quick!!

I’m getting lots of reports about about a Sainbury’s Toy Glitch!! 

Check out these comments…You’ll need to be quick on this as they’ll cotton on very soon!

Sainsburys toy sale glitches turtles shelf price 9.99, scanning at 4.50 with 5.00 discount! Also wooden pan set shelf price 90p and scanning at 90p all other wooden kitchen sets 1/2 price at £3-£8

sainburys turtles




Hi all, seems to be a pricing glitch in sainsburys sale. I was in the Cramlington branch and bought a few bits, it seems the play doh 4 pack is scanning at 0.90p with £1 off making them 0.10p for a pack of 4!!!! Also bought 2 Star Wars lightsabers which were priced on the shelf as £4.99 but scanning at £3 each with a half price discount of £5 off each!!!meaning I’ve actually got them for free plus an additional £4 off my shopping!!! I’ve attached a copy of my receipt. Happy shopping.

toy glitch


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