SATs spelling test cancelled

SATs spelling test cancelled

This follows the news I posted yesterday regarding pupils planning to strike

Half a million year 2 students are set to take part in their SAT exams next month, but due to an error, one of the papers has been cancelled and won’t be going ahead.

The spell and grammar test was accidentally put online, others are saying it was purposely leaked.

The exam paper has been available on a Department for Education website, for use as practice material, since January.

The mistake was initially spotted by a teacher at one of 700 schools that was carrying out a trial of the test, using the paper that was to be taken by pupils around England.

Teacher Charlotte Smiles spotted the error when one of her pupils seemed to know all the questions before they were asked.

Charlotte said ”We received our papers last week and they are currently locked up in a secure location where only one person is allowed the key – and the spare key has got to be locked away in the safe as per all the guidance,” she said. We are subject to quite a few security rules and if we don’t follow those… we can have maladministration proceedings brought against us. That can spark an Ofsted visit, and teachers and head teachers can lose their jobs. Yet the DfE have published it online anyway and I just wonder are they going to be suffering the same proceedings that we would.”

So this is one less SAT exam for your child to do this year, what do you think?

Will you be allowing your child to strike in protest to the SAT exams? See more information here…

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