SATs Test Leaked by ‘Rogue Marker’

SATs test for 10 and 11 year olds was leaked online by a rogue marker

A SATs test on grammar, punctuation and spelling due to be sat by 600,000 10 and 11 year olds in England today was leaked online by a ‘rogue marker’ according to the Department for Education.

Ever since their introduction, SATs for children as young as 7 have been heavily criticised by parents and teachers alike, and this latest upset appears to have been caused by a SATs marker who actively wants to undermine the whole system.

The test was published online for 4 hours on a password-protected website – meaning that the test can go ahead today but there is a risk that some students might have been able to see it early.

This is the second time in the last couple of weeks that a test has been published online before it has been taken, and only serves to undermine the way in which the education system is being run.

The test, due to be taken by Year Six pupils today, was published by the exam marking supplier Pearson, on a website accessible to their group of 90 markers via a password. It follows the accidental publishing of a test 3 months before it was due to be taken, which lead to the test being scrapped altogether.

The NUT have told the BBC that these incidents should result in the SATs tests being scrapped for this year. Labour have called for an emergency review of the SATs system and how it is being run.

All of this follows a Government stand down on forcing schools to become Academies at the end of last week, which all serves to increase a growing lack of confidence from parents and teachers as to how the Education system is currently being run.

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