Forget Boring Inflatables – The Sausage Dog Pool Float Is Here!

Move over, flamingos…

Love sausage dogs? This sausage dog pool float was made for you.

What better way to lounge around on your summer holiday, than floating on a sausage dog’s tummy?


The Pool Pup float is named Link, and available to buy on Amazon.

Amazon list the pup as ‘never needing to be fed or walked’ – he’s the dream dog!

“Meet the Pool Pup. His real name is Link. He’s a good boy. This ever smiling dachshund will bring you years of joy and companionship. Need someone to hold your drink a the pool? He’s got ya. Need someone to keep you afloat? Got ya there too! Best of all he doesn’t need to be walked or fed. People will want to pet him but thats up to you if you let them.”

Link the sausage dog weighs 5lbs and is an amazing seven foot long. He even has a cup holder!

Buy it now.

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