Save 10% on LowKal Snack Boxes!

Trying to stick to a healthy diet but just can’t curb those snack cravings?

Thanks to LowKal you can receive a box of healthy and delicious snacks delivered to your door, and enjoy a 10% saving on your next order too using the code: ASH10!

Fear not, no dreadful rabbit food was used in the making of these boxes! Only ultra-tasty, low-calorie, low-carb, and Keto-friendly treats from the brands you love.

Can’t beat the crunch? Savoury options including healthy popcorn and moreish crisps from names including Proper Corn, Popchips, and Banana Joe, to not so naughty nibbles like Cheesies are a great way to stay fuller for longer without having to count the calories.

Got a super sweet tooth and just can’t get through the day without a sugary snack? There are loads of sweets to choose from without the syns!

From retro Rainbow Drops and Refreshers, to Candy Kittens and Mallow & Marsh, you can still enjoy your fave confectionary while staying on track.

How about mouth-watering bars that will keep you fuller for longer!? There’s some yummy options to choose from online including sweet meringue bars, honeycomb bars, and loads more! They’re a great pick-me-up for between meals and post-gym.

Enjoy the snacks you love minus the guilt at LowKal!

Click here to save 10% on your next order! Use code: ASH10


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