How to save £306 on your garage bills

Wouldn’t we all love to know how to save £306 on your garage bills?

I have spoken before about the advantages of electric vehicles and how much I love them. 

Since I got involved with Go Ultra Low, the campaign for electric vehicles, I’ve been really surprised to learn about just how much money they can save you.

Well they have done it again! 

The campaign’s latest research has found that the average UK motorist can save £306 a year on their garage bills by switching to an electric vehicle.

Every year, the average motorist forks out £400 to keep their petrol or diesel vehicle on the road, which adds up to a whopping £13 billion in annual spending across the country. However, due to their mechanical simplicity and fewer moving parts, pure electric vehicles are cheaper to service and maintain. For example, because pure electric cars don’t have spark plugs or oil filters, there is no need to service these engine components.

The average cost of annual servicing and maintenance bills on a new pure electric model is £94, meaning potential savings of £306 per year are up for grabs for every motorist. Cumulatively, if every motorist in the UK switched to a pure electric car, it would free up £10 billion in extra cash – nice!

BMW I3 The BMW i3 electric car we test drove a little while ago

BMW i8 My husband test drove the the electric BMW i8 – he loved it!

Go Ultra Low also found out that 42% of motorists in the UK rely on their vehicle to get them to and from work and 6% of car owners have claimed to have lost earnings while getting their cars serviced, fixed or maintained. On average, they each missed out on £703, adding up to an eye-watering £1.4 billion of lost wages on a national scale.

For millions of families, having a car is key to everyday life – the school run, sports practice, supermarket visits and days out all require a fully operational set of wheels. However, even more damaging than the annoyance of being without a car, is the money it can cost to keep them on the road. Electric cars offer a way to enjoy modern motoring, without breaking the bank.

So not only is an electric vehicle cheaper to run, it is also cheaper to maintain, I’m sold – sign me up!”

If you like the sound of an electric vehicle, find out more at

bmw i3

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