Save Big Money With An Energy Monitor

Could You Save Money Off Your Bills With An Energy Monitor

Energy monitors are a great way for us to improve our energy-using habits and slash the price of our bills by up to 15%. Energy monitors tell us exactly how much energy our devices are using up at any time, and even better, how much it’s all costing you. This means no more nasty surprises when you receive your bills. Although these devices don’t save you money directly, they do help you determine which devices are guzzling up worrying amounts of energy to help you cut back.


Energy monitors consist of two parts, the transmitter that clips around the cable on your electricity meter and the wireless screen that displays energy usage. Here you will see how much electricity you’re using, the cost per hour, and even how much CO2 emissions you are producing.


You can find these useful gadgets in the home sections of most high street shops. Once you have your energy monitor installed, make sure you place your device somewhere noticeable where you can see it, so you can keep a close eye on what its saying. The more you check it, the more aware you’ll be of your electricity usage, and the more you’ll end up saving. Personalising your tariff will make the readings more accurate. Most energy monitors  come with a preset tariff rate, but you can set your own pence per unit if you want ultimate accuracy.

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