Save Money On Airport Lounges, Parking & Hotels

Save Money On Airport Lounges, Parking & Hotels

Heading on holiday can be quite pricey but luckily Trusted Travel are here to help us keep costs down.

We all love going on holiday. There is nothing like getting away from home and the daily routine to spend some much needed time in the sun relaxing and having fun.

However, by the time you have paid for your holiday, saved up your spending money, bought the family a while new wardrobe to take with them then there is very little left over – if anything!

Trusted Travel have given us an exclusive deal to share with you all to help you save some serious cash. If you would like to save money on your hotel, parking and airport lounge then read on…

What is the exclusive offer?

You can get a lifetime membership to The Trusted Travel Members Club for only £5! The original price is £79.99 so you are making a HUGE saving!

Trusted Travel members can take advantage of a wide range of discounts and money saving offers. They guarantee you savings plus free cancellation cover every time you book, that is perfect as sometimes life throws us curveballs and we can’t always make our holiday.

Join now if you want to save up to 33% off airport lounges, parking and hotels.

Airport lounge

I haven’t used an airport lounge yet but it is definitely something I will be using next time I head to the airport. The airport is always so busy and it can be a real struggle to find a seat so you have to stand around and try and keep the kids occupied or you end up wandering around the shops and spending money before you’ve even got on the plane! With an Airport lounge, you can relax in style and benefit from free nibbles, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Again, a Trusted Travel Membership could save you up to 33% on your airport lounge.

Airport parking

Taking a taxi to the airport can often be pricey, especially if you have 2 adults and 3 kids travelling like myself. You need a larger taxi to fit everyone in as well as the luggage, this bumps up the price. It is so much easier to take your own car and thanks to Trusted Travel it could work out cheaper. With your Trusted Travel membership, you could save up to 33% off airport parking at over 400 airports around the UK and Ireland.

Airport hotels

Your nearest airport isn’t always cheapest to fly from, flying from another airport can often see the price of your holiday reduced. If this is the case, it can be handy to stay in a hotel nearby the airport so you don’t have a rush on the morning of the holiday and risk being stuck in traffic and missing your flight.

With your Trusted Tavel Membership you could save up to 33% on an airport hotel stay and it’ll help take the stress out of your journey and give you peace of mind.

So if you want to take the stress out of your next holiday and want to start saving some cash then check out Trusted Travel Membership.

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