Save money on your meat by going to the gym!

Save money on your meat by going to the gym!

This may sound like a strange idea, but there are many online meat food retailers that cater to the health and fitness market. You don’t actually have to go the gym either, just order online for bulk supplies of high-quality meat that athletes use – for less than you’d pay down the stores.

These retailers provide a huge range of meats that aren’t injected with water like most supermarket produce. Sites like MuscleFood ( provide a range of beef, chicken, pork, veal, duck, lamb and other meats, including lean buffalo and ostrich. Products may be free range, farm-assured or British butcher-approved.

All of these can be delivered cooled to your home within a day or two for easy freezing and consumption. With no water in them, they don’t shrink like most supermarket products when cooked, and the savings can be large if you make regular bulk orders. All you need is the fridge or freezer space to store it.


So, if you want to surprise your dinner party guests with a crocodile steak or llama burger, don’t pay over the odds at an expensive deli. Buy in bulk from a booming range of stores that deal with athletes, models, fitness buffs and the health industry.

Shopping is secure, just like any other online store and delivery can be arranged to suit your schedule, with variety packs and deals, and free delivery on larger orders. These sites have plenty of special offers to help increase the savings on your shop. They also provide fruit and veg, eggs, cereals, oils and other health products, so you could almost do a whole grocery shop with them.

While you may not crave the sleek body of a supermodel or the bulk of an Adonis, this tip can help you slim down your food bill and bring a plentiful supply of good quality food to your kitchen that can help you eat more healthily. It might even help kickstart that healthy living plan you’ve been meaning to try since new year. If your flatmates or friends love their meat, a mega bulk buy could save you all even more!

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