5 Ways You’ll Save Money Booking Your Holiday With HomeAway | AD

Thinking about your next getaway? Holiday for less by booking your accommodation with HomeAway! You’ll be amazed at how much you can save.

HomeAway lets you book gorgeous holiday rental homes for less than you’d pay for a traditional hotel. With over two million unique properties in 190 countries, you can find a great HomeAway place to stay wherever you’re wishing to visit next!

Why stay in a hotel, when you could have a whole property to yourself? HomeAway have so many properties to choose from – including cottages, beach houses, apartments, and more. By renting a holiday home, you can get twice the space for half the cost of a hotel! Say goodbye to being cooped up in a small room, and say hello to having more space to enjoy your break. HomeAway is owned by Expedia, so you know you’re in good hands.

Staying in a HomeAway holiday rental automatically makes your holiday more affordable. Not only will you save on your accommodation, but loads of other factors too!

Here’s how you can save:

1. Food expenses

By staying in a holiday rental home, you can cut the cost of having to continually eat out in restaurants. Many HomeAway holiday rentals include a kitchen, so you can make tasty home cooked meals for the whole family.

2. More for less

More space, more privacy, more amenities – more value.

3. Variety

With over 2million unique places to stay HomeAway offers a wide variety of properties from apartments, villas, castles, cosy cabins, ski chalets, tree houses, private islands and even pet friendly properties! Save money by not paying for an overpriced hotel room, and paying less to say in an amazing place!

4. No resort fee

Hands up, how many times has the excitement for you holiday been squashed by finding out you have to pay a resort fee? This can really eat in to your spending budget and make your trip much less enjoyable. But, with HomeAway you don’t have to worry about any hidden resort fees!

5. Cheaper than hotel

HomeAway holiday rentals give you more space to enjoy your holiday in, for half the cost of a hotel room! Relax in roomy surroundings that the whole family can enjoy, with the knowledge that you’ve been a savvy spender!

Book your holiday with HomeAway today.

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