Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!

Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!

With the Blackpool BIG Ticket, you can save more than 50% at seven amazing attractions in Blackpool. If you’re looking for things to do in Blackpool this is ideal, it’s valid for 90 days so there’s plenty of time to use it whether you’re going for a day trip, staying for a few days or planning to visit Blackpool more than once. The Blackpool BIG Ticket is the best value offer with savings of up to £45.95 on standard admission prices! Book your Blackpool BIG Ticket today!

My family and I visit Blackpool every year because we love it so much. There is plenty to do for the kids and a traditional seaside UK break is the perfect trip away.

Blackpool Tower Eye

Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!


The Blackpool Tower is home to a whole range of different attractions, each one of them is amazing in their own way. First up, though, we have to talk about the Blackpool Tower Eye. You are first taking into a 4D cinema where you put on your 3D glasses and you watch a short movie and experience the past and present of Blackpool. It is fascinating and it is perfect for adults and kids alike!

Next, you take a lift 380 foot above Blackpool and the views are spectacular. There is even a glass floor if you’re brave enough to give it a try! The first time we went to Blackpool I wasn’t brave enough but the children had no fear and were running across it! The 2nd time we went I was brave and gave it a try although I did feel a little nauseous!

 Blackpool Tower Circus

Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!


I am not usually a fan of the circus, I get bored too easily! So on our first visit to Blackpool, we gave this a miss but the kids really wanted to visit on our next visit. We decided to go along with what the kid’s wanted to do… It was AMAZING! I honestly wish we had gone the first time around now too.

Mooky and Mr Boo were hilarious and the stunts from the trapeze artists had my heart in my mouth, it was unreal. The kids loved it too and often ask when we are going back to Blackpool so they can visit the Circus again.

The ending was spectacular too, I won’t give away too much as I really want you to visit and experience the show first hand for yourself.

Jungle Jims

Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!

If you have children then a visit to Jungle Jims is a must! Jungle Jims is a soft play within the Blackpool Tower and has an Aztek theme. There was plenty to do for my two youngest children who were 5 & 9 on our last visit, our teenager took this opportunity to catch up with his friends on social media.

While the kids played in the soft play, my husband and I were able to relax with a cuppa in the seating area which gives you a great view of your children no matter where you’re sat so you know they’re safe.

Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!

Because The BIG Ticket is valid for 7 attractions, we ran out of time and didn’t get the chance to visit Blackpool Tower Dungeon. We plan on going back soon and paying a visit but if anyone has a review in the mean time then please get in touch and let me know.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is described ”Descend into Lancashire’s murky past in The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, with a full cast of brilliant actors, 10 live shows and fantastic special effects you’ll be screaming with laughter!”

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is the most popular ballroom in the UK and it’s no surprise why.

We nipped in on our last visit and we were fascinated at how many people were waltzing around the ballroom floor and how good they were. There were people of all ages and they had really got dressed up for the occasion too.

My daughter and I danced together but we kept it near our table as we were nowhere near the standard as those on the dance floor haha!

You can also have afternoon tea while you’re in the Tower Ballroom which I expect would be an amazing experience.

Sea Life Centre Blackpool

Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!

Can we first just take a moment to appreciate this wonderful sting ray who stopped and smiled when I took their photo haha!

We have visited a few aquariums in the past but this is easily our favourite. The kids get a little activity book to fill in as they head around the attraction, there are fun facts throughout your visit and there is plenty to see and do. My favourite has to be the walk through tunnel where you can see sharks swimming over your head! Also, there is a huge glass wall which allows you to see into the aquarium and there are huge stingrays, sharks and many fish swimming around inside – it is so relaxing to sit and watch, it looks wonderful. There is also plenty of interactive hands-on experiences throughout the attraction which tell you fascinating facts.

Once you get to the end of the journey around the Sea Life Centre there is a small soft play so you can let the kids tire themselves out while you have yourself a quick rest.

Madam Tussauds

Save more than 50% at top Blackpool attractions!

We can’t all be lucky enough to meet Ed Sheeran, The Queen and Ant & Dec (although I did once and I was taller than Dec!) but here at Madame Tussauds, you can get as close to your favourite celebrity as possible.

With many celebrities to meet including Keith Lemon, Simon Cowell, Mo Farrah, Jeremy Kyle, Peter Andre and even Bob the Builder. You can also stop for a pint at a fully functioning Rovers Return!

There are some great photo opportunities throughout the attraction so don’t forget to take your camera.


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