Saving money on medical supplies and treatments

Saving money on medical supplies and treatments

The state of the NHS is a hot topic at the moment, with everyone discussing the reforms that might be needed to put things back on track. If you’re covered by the National Health Service then you’re fortunate enough to benefit from heavily subsidised health care (often free at the point of delivery), but how do you make sure that you’re not missing out on what you’re entitled to?

Sight tests

NHS sight tests are available to recipients of certain benefits, to those under the age of 16 (or 18 in full-time education), those over 60 and to people with diabetes or glaucoma. NHS free sight tests are also available to many other people that meet certain criteria. Find out if you’re entitled so that you don’t miss out. Glasses with corrective lenses may also be provided free of charge.

Hearing tests

Hearing tests are often provided at no cost, and the NHS can supply free hearing aids to those that need them. Accredited hearing centres provide this service (including regular checkups) without the need to visit a hospital.

Maternity benefits

If you’re pregnant then you receive additional help to cover the costs of all prescriptions and dental checkups from the start of pregnancy until a year after your due date. This support is particularly valuable for pregnant women, as they are more at risk of dental problems and are more likely to need regular medication.
Minor ailment services

Accredited pharmacies can supply certain medications on the NHS, making them free of charge for the recipient, if the recipient doesn’t pay for their prescriptions (for example, if they are under the age of 16). Items that are covered by minor ailment services can include baby paracetamol medications, cough medicines, nit treatments, hayfever and minor skin conditions. Anyone that qualifies for free prescriptions can visit any accredited pharmacy and request an item covered by the minor ailment service.

Prescription prepayment certificates

If you regularly need to pay for prescriptions then you can choose to purchase a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) for £29.10 (three month coverage) or £104 (one year coverage). These costs can be paid by direct debit, and it can work out cheaper purchasing a prepayment certificate than paying £8.20 for each prescription individually.

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