Savings Advice Guide From Social Media

Money Savings Advice Guide From Social Media

Although social media often bombards us with an overload of friends updates, family portraits and cringey holiday snaps,  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest could well be the answer to a wealthier 2015. 

Ashleigh Money Saver has been dedicating every waking hour to finding us the best and cheapest deals on the market. As a result of this more and more companies are wising up to the power of social media, and its no longer just Facebook who can offer you money saving advice thanks to the explosion of Twitter. 

For those of you yet to stumble upon Twitter, it’s pretty much like instant messaging except everyone can read the conversation and is free to join in. Most companies are now on twitter and are desperately trying to build up a mass audience through the use of competitions and other marketing techniques. These usually involve you following their twitter page and retweeting their tweets so they ultimately reach a larger audience. 


There are already a few twitter accounts out there who are dedicated to finding you cheap deals, so if Twitter is your ‘go to app’ my advice would be to follow these fellow money saving experts for great updates on savings advice and deals :





My Second ‘Twit Tip’ would be to to complain! And I’m not advising you to troll the company in question until they block you from their account completely, but if you’ve genuinely received bad customer service, then research shows that you may get a better result from them by venting your issues in 140 characters, more so than a strongly worded letter addressed to the Customer Services Department. Often this technique results in a prompt refund of your delivery charge or a complimentary discount code.

Pinterest is a much more underrated social media platform, however a great tool for savings advice nonetheless. 

Many people think of this virtual pinboard site as nothing more than a place to compile fashion friendly wish lists. But its so much more than that! There are three big tips on how to use Pinterest to save money fast.

social media money saving


One great way to save money via Pinterest, is to get cost effective recipe ideas to save on meals.

Laura Fuentes of embraced the power of Pinterest to catalog her homemade meals and recommends cooking as a way to save money. She says; ‘I use my boards to pick out lunch menus and plan dinners. I choose recipes where the ingredients overlap. This way I can figure out what can be used as leftovers and figure out how to combine ingredients in a cost-effective way’. Pinterest can serve as a visual meal planner and can consequently help us all to save a lot of money!

Pinterest is of course renowned for its fashion savvy styling features whereby we can put together our dream outfits onto a styling board and imagine what it would be like to win the lottery. However, we can now get notifications from Pinterest which let us know when the price drops on our favourite pieces which enables us to snatch it up at a discounted price so you can snatch it up without scouring the internet for deals.

The third and final piece of money savings advice I’m going to offer those of you who have been converted to Pinterest, is to compare prices! Todays search engines make it much simpler to comparison shop and even check prices all over the world in a blink of an eye. You can easily keep track of where the best deal can be found on a Pinterest board. Just add a few pins from different websites where you may buy your desired item, you will have a quick visual reference guide to make shopping simple!

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