Scam text warning! Do not reply if you receive this text.

Scam text warning! Do not reply if you receive this text.

This is just a warning to everyone who may recieve this spam text because I know a few people who have got caught by this and would hate it to happen to anybody else.

The shocking message is aimed at mums and recipients have been taking to Facebook to spread the awareness.

The text message reads: ‘Mum thers been a accident I’m in the hospital i.C.U. ward my friend is realy hurt mum he went threw the front window of the car i realy don’t think he’s join to make it my phone is switched off mum aint com in on I’m on this number imnot aloud to use mobiles in the i.C.U. ward so please text me mum until i get outside i need you to do me a big favour blease mum when you get my message reply back to this number i need u to do me a favour xx”


It is likely that if you reply you will be charged an extotionate amount. If you recieve this text it is best to just ignore and delete it. Do not reply under any circumstances.

The warning has been shared over 33,000 times on Facebook and the number keeps on rising.

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