School bans playground game ‘tig’. Where will it end?

School bans playground game ‘tig’. Where will it end?

I recently wrote a post explaining to you all how a school had banned parents from coming to pick their kids up in their PJ’s. 

I can understand the reasoning behind this, however, I am now reading in the news that schools are now banning pupils from playing ‘tig’ in the playground. Are schools now going too far?

The popular playground game is being deemed as ‘unsafe’ after some children have had their clothes ripped whilst playing, and some children are being left upset. Children who break the new ban will be kept inside on break times. 

Not surprisingly, some parents have been left raging over this new ban and insisting this is ridiculous and that children should be allowed to play the game in their breaks and enjoy the fresh air.

One mother, Dawn O’Toole, 33, said her son, who attended the school until recently, had been disciplined for joining in the game. She told the Telegraph:

“He said he was kept in from the playtimes because he was playing tig,” she said.

Ms O’Toole, who used to work at the school, added: “If we saw them playing tig we had to go over to them and ask them to stop playing that and find something else to play.

“I was shocked, it’s the natural game for children and the children themselves weren’t very happy about it.”

I remember tig used to be the natural game to automatically start playing when I was in school, and I know most parents would probably be happy to see their children having endless fun running around playing that rather than sitting playing with technology or indoors.

So what do all of you fellow parents think? Is this the most ridiculous ban yet? Join my poll and let me know all of your thoughts below!

CLICK HERE to find out if this head teacher was right to issue warning.

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