School Uniform Price Comparison

So many supermarkets and stores sell school uniform now, making our lives easier.

The question on everyones lips is ‘where is the cheapest to buy’?

Hopefully, my school uniform price comparison will help.
I have scoured so many websites to try and find you the best value uniform.

I know only too well how expensive uniform can be. My eldest is in high school so he needs everything bought from the school directly, my middle child is in primary school and he somehow manages to put holes in the knees of his school trousers on a weekly basis and my youngest is also in primary school but she often comes home covered in paint and felt tip – I don’t care what the labels say on the school pens and paint – that stuff is not washable! It stains, badly!

So we want uniform that is kind to our pocket while good quality to last as long as possible.


Polo shirt twin pack – £1.25

A pair of trousers – £1.25

Round neck sweater – 94p. However these sweaters only come in navy blue and red.

Total – £3.44


Sweater – £1.15

Polo shirts twin pack- £1.25

Trousers/skirt – £1.25

Total – £3.65


Polo shirt twin pack – £2.50

Trousers/skirt – from £3

Sweater –  from £2

Total – from £7.50


Twin pack polo shirts – £2

Sweatshirt – from £2

Trousers/skirt – from £3

Total – from £7


Sweatshirt – from £3

Polo shirts twin pack – £2.50

Trousers – from £4

Total – from £9.50


Sweatshirt – £4

Polo shirts triple pack – £3.50

Trousers twin pack – £7

Total – £14.50

Marks & Spencer

Polo shirt twin pack – from £5

Trousers – £8*

Sweater – from £6

Total – from £19


Polo shirts twin pack – from £5

Trousers – from £8

Sweater – from £8

Total – £21


Polo shirt – from £3

Skirt or trousers – from £4

Sweater – from £3

Total – £10


Hopefully this helps you find the best priced school uniform ready for September.
Remember, it is also a good idea to stock up on school uniform in October/November when all of the stores has their uniforms reduced. Just buy it in a size or two bigger and it will come in handy throughout the year or for next year 🙂
Last year I was able to pick up nearly £100’s worth of uniform for less than £20 by doing this.


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