School’s Out: How To Keep The Little Ones Entertained

With summer holidays just a hop, skip and a jump away, here are some fun ideas to keep the kids on their tippy toes!

Hopping into the summer will be much easier with this Disney Toy Story Space Hopper!

blue space hopper with disney characters emblazoned on it

The Hopper is covered with fun and familiar disney characters like Woody, Buzz, Slinkie, Rex and Mr. Potato Head your little one will absolutely love.

The rubber shell is durable and sturdy enough for your child to bounce with confidence throughout the summer, and the handles on top are comfortable and have three different graduated grips, meaning anyone from age three to eight can enjoy this fabulous retro toy!

Football Crazy, Football Mad

With the Women’s World Cup taking place this summer, everyone will enjoy this wonderful, easy to assemble football goal from Kickmaster.

The goal is five feet tall and has high density 3 ply netting, meaning your plant pots and hanging baskets will be protected as your young ways grow into budding international football stars.

yellow framed goal with mesh netting

Just remember to keep an eye on the BIG kids- dads are totally unable to resist taking a swipe at a football while there’s an open goal available!

Take your budding footballer’s summer to the next level and make them the envy of the street with this personalised football.

Get their name emblazoned on the ball and make them feel like real superstars- and help them keep a hold of their ball and not lose it over the next door neighbours’ fence.

black and white football with the word JACOB on a football badge

Make sure it doesn’t end up getting kicked through a window though, it’s pretty damning evidence if the ball has your little one’s name on!

Cool off in the Pool

For a more laid back summer activity that’s still bound to keep the kids engaged, why not try a pool party?

This large inflatable pool will certainly put a smile on their faces- without breaking the bank!

The cup holders, inflatable cushions, and two headrests gives the pool a cool and prestigious feel that the kids will love.

a blue swimming pool

The extra wide vinyl walls have all been pre-tested to ensure quality and durability, and are optimised for family members clambering in and out.

This large family pool is a perfect addition to the garden furniture collection for brilliant family fun and at the price it is an absolute steal!

Best In-TENT-ions

A tent is the perfect den for your child’s summer shenanigans and this Yellowstone Fast Pitch Pop Up Tent is the perfect tent for a summer den.

Instead of trying to assemble a tent, spending hours putting poles together and struggling with worn away mesh and metal pipes, just open the tent out and POP it’s already a fully functional den.

A large pop up tent

The same goes for putting the tent away- just fold it up and it’s gone!

One reviewer said “Bought for grandson as a den, pops up in seconds absolutely loves being in there inside and out and the best bit is it’s not fiddly or awkward to put away, managed by 1 person.”

What an endorsement! Grab yours at the special sale price here!

If none of those grab you, be sure to check out the huge range of toys and summer playthings available at JD Williams, and let us know if you’ll be grabbing one of these great items in the comments!



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