Is this school’s packed lunch charge unreasonable?

Is this school’s packed lunch charge unreasonable?

If you have primary school age children you may be forgiven for saving money by putting them on packed lunches. However, according to new research, some schools are charging parents a ‘packed lunch’ fee.

To me, this completely defeats the object of providing your own food. The charge isn’t small either. Parents are being charged £1.80 a day just so their children can eat their packed lunches.

The money made from the packed lunch charge is being used to cover costs of the cleaning and supervision of the dining areas, but is this a step too far? 

Apparently school’s have been forced to bring in new charges due to Government cuts.

Patrick Roach, the NASUWT’s deputy general secretary, told the TES: “Now just sitting in a dining hall and unwrapping your sandwiches is considered to be an optional extra, it’s disgraceful, it’s shocking.

“Parents should be appalled in just the same way that we’re appalled.”

The worst part is, the union is now expecting more schools to bring in ridiculous charges to keep up with the cuts.

Are there any charges at your children’s school’s that you don’t agree with? Let me know in the Facebook comments.


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