Scientists have reported that an asteroid is heading for Britain

Scientists have reported that an asteroid is heading for Britain

Scientists have apparently warned that an asteroid heading for the North Sea could affect thousands of people across Britain.


Although this story does seem slightly far-fetched to me, The Telegraph have just reported: ‘Britain is at risk from an asteroid tsunami which could kill hundreds of thousands of people living in coastal regions, scientists have warned. Although the UK is not directly under an asteroid path, it is at risk from impacts in the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea which could trigger devastating tsunamis. For example there is a one in 10,000 chance that a space rock could hit just off the coast of Norfolk within the next 85 years.’

The article goes on to explain that the UK isn’t likely to get a direct hit so I don’t think we need to be going to the extreme measures of evacuating the country anytime soon!

This isn’t the first time scientists have predicted ‘giant asteroids’ to be hitting earth and I very much doubt it’ll be the last! It was only last year that The Independent published an article claiming that and asteroid that ‘could end human life’ was heading for Earth! And we have all lived to tell the tale so my gut instinct is telling me that we’re going to be fine!

CLICK HERE to read the full article published on The Telegraph here.





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