Scribbler greeting cards

Scribbler greeting cards

Greeting cards with a difference…

If you are easily offended then I suggest you go no further and return to what ever you were doing before you read this article.

Scribbler are a greeting card company with a difference. As well as ‘nice’ cards, they do some VERY tongue in cheek cards…

Fancy giving your Dad a Fathers Day card saying ‘You’re a great father3, shame about your taste in second wives’ or how about ‘Thank god Mum didn’t have a headache that night’.

There are cards for every occasion and you are bound to find one that’ll fit your sense of humour.

You can also design photo upload cards.

P&P costs you 60p or if you buy 2 cards then you get P&P free.

You can get 10% off your order if you use the code: SCR61RY0

Click here to head to Scribbler now – Remember, if you’re easily offended then do not follow this link…

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