The secret to being upgraded on your next flight

The secret to being upgraded on your next flight

A British Airways worker has revealed how people are chosen for a upgraded on their flight…

Catriona Harvey-Jenner was flying from London Heathrow to San Jose, she decided to ask a British Airways worker how they select who gets an upgrade.

It was revealed that flyers that have already pre-booked their seats are less likely to be upgraded from their economy seats as they are already classed as ‘sorted’ by the airline.

However if you don’t pre-book your seat and the flight is not yet fully booked, you stand a high chance of being upgraded.

Would you leave this to chance or do you like the security of knowing your seat is booked?

Other reasons you may be upgraded onboard your flight include;

  • Being loyal to your airline. Return customers will be given priority for free seat upgrades, so sign up to your airlines reward scheme now.
  • Traveling at quiet times. If your flight isn’t fully booked then you have a higher chance of bagging yourself a free upgrade.
  • Get to the airport early. The earlier you get to the airport the better, if there are any remaining premium seats left on your flight then getting to the airport early will give you a high chance of getting yourself one of those empty premium seats.
  • Keep an eye on your inbox. The airline may e-mail you to let you know there are upgrade options available on your flight as it is not fully booked. They sometimes offer free upgrades on a first come-first served basis via e-mail so keep a close eye on you inbox.

Have you ever received a free seat upgrade?

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