Self- catering or all-inclusive? Which would save you £500?

Self- Catering or all-inclusive? Which would save you £500?

When it comes to booking holidays, lots of people struggle when it comes to making a decision on whether to go for self-catering or pay the extra money for all-inclusive. People have different perceptions of which one works out as the cheapest option, but now The Mirror has teamed up with Post Office Travel money to find out the truth about the cost of your holidays to clear up any confusion once and for all and you may be shocked by the result!

Their research has shown that families can save more than £500 by opting for the self- catering rather than all inclusive. Families may feel like they are being savvy savers by opting for an all-inclusive getaway, but research shows that even though their soft drinks, booze and food is already all paid for, families often get sick of the food and also find that the alcohol isn’t quite up to the local standard. Therefore, the all-inclusive families end up spending around £233 on meals and drinks. 


Those on a week’s holiday self- catering break only spend an average of £140.71 buying groceries from the supermarket and can pick and choose their meals. 

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: “Our research has shown that European all -inclusive resorts consistently offer less than holidaymakers expect so it is important to be aware of what is included to avoid getting caught out.

“If you have already booked an all-inclusive holiday, remember to budget carefully and carry enough foreign currency to cover items bought outside the resort.”

So if you are struggling to decide on which holiday package t0 go for in order to get the biggest saving, my advice would be to double check before splashing out on an all- inclusive holiday!

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