Selling puppies whilst on benefits

Selling puppies whilst on benefits

I have been asked this question and I am stuck with the answer…

I received an email over the weekend from Louise saying; ”I want to start using my dog to breed and I will sell the puppies to make a little more money. I’m on benefits though and not sure if I will be able to do this? I have tried finding out myself but I came across this picture and now I’m scared I’ll be in trouble. Do you know if I could do it?”

Selling puppies whilst on benefits

The image she seen read ”You are being watched. Selling puppies? On benefits? Not declaring income? To curb the increasing number of unwanted dogs in the UK there is a Nationwide team of volunteers checking out small ads and online sites and they have the benefits fraud investigation unit on speed dial”

I have spent a while on Google trying to find out for Louise and I am also still unsure. I would have guessed because it is extra money coming in then she will need to declare it?

Does anyone have any experiance in this area and can offer Louise any advice?

I can understand why they would have volunteers watching ads and online sites. I have just been looking for a dog myself lately and they are thousands of puppies available near to me and it did make me wonder how all of these puppies are going to be rehomed. In the end I opted for a rescue dog who is absolutely adorable and loves cuddles 🙂

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