Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Update!

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Update!

There have been further delays for holidaymakers who are currently stranded in Egypt.

Only eight flights will depart from Sharm el-Sheikh for the UK today instead of the 20 or more expected.

What airlines say you should do if you are due to fly.

Airlines are telling people to arrive within good time as airport will be very busy, also make sure you aware of the new security restrictions.

What additional security measures are in place at the airport?

The main change to be aware of is that only hand luggage will be allowed on each flight. Suitcases, pushchairs and wheelchairs will be flown back on separate planes from tourists as an extra precaution.

Passengers on one of the first flights out told ITV News there was nothing on the plane but they were allowed to take water and food that had been bought at the airport on board with them.

The UK government is still advising ‘all but essential travel’ to Egypt. Therefore if you have plans in place to holiday there in the ‘near future’ CLICK HERE to see what action you should take.

CLICK HERE for more information from the ITV news website.

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