Shock discovery as school let 11-year-old pupils smoke!

Shock discovery as school let 11-year-old pupils smoke!

I was shocked this morning as I was directed to an article in the news which claims that a school in Leeds has been allowing children as young as 11 to smoke during break times, with teachers even handing pupils cigarettes!

According to the news article on the Daily Mail the reason the pupils have been permitted to smoke is to help prevent truanting. A whistleblower reported the issue and the school was put under review.

The small secondary school attended by 75 pupils with educational and behavioural issues, reportedly introduced the policy while it was under management by a previous head teacher.

However the city council have ordered the council to ban the policy and have vowed to carry out regular spot checks.

It is thought pupils were allowed to smoke in a controlled environment and to keep them on site.

The current head teacher has only been in charge for a few days and has agreed
to ensure the policy does not continue.

Anti-smoking health campaigners have understandably labeled the decision ‘inappropriate, wrong and unethical’. It’s crazy to think that 11-year-olds can even get their hands on cigarettes at that age let alone get away with smoking them on the school premesis.

CLICK HERE to read the full article on the Daily Mail.

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