Shoebox Appeal

I have had a lot of requests about the shoebox appeal

See below for all the information…

I posted a video on the Facebook page of children receiving their shoebox filled with gifts. The children were so grateful, dancing around and were so happy.

I got a lot of messages asking how people can get involved. So I have had a look into this and have found some information on Samaritans website.

It is such a lovely thing to do, sending a box full of treats to a child who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves. I am going to be doing this with my children this year.

  • Decorate an empty shoe box with wrapping paper and mark the lid with a boy or girl label (there is a label download on the link at the end of this post)
  • Next, fill the box with gifts including a ‘wow’ toy such as a doll, football with pump or cuddly toy. Add other items such as toys, hygiene products and school supplies.
  • Help cover the shipping cost with a £3 donation. 
  • Samaritans say to ‘pray’ for the child you are sending the box off to 🙂
  • You can also include a note and photo of yourself in with the gift to make it extra personalised.
  • The drop off for the appeal is by 18th November. 

Click here for full details and to see Samaritans website…


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