This Shop Is Selling GIANT Packs Of Andrex Toilet Rolls For £6!

If you’re a parent you’ll probably now how quickly toilet rolls seem to disappear, and how often you have to buy them, so the bigger the pack the better!

You’ll probably also know the struggle of trying to find a good quality loo roll in bulk, at an affordable price, but Morrisons is here to help with this fantastic deal.

Right now the supermarket is selling huge 18 roll packs of Andrex’s Classic Clean rolls for a super affordable £6, which works out at just 34p each!

The packs perfect for families are discounted from £8.44, which means you’re saving £2.44, which may not seem like a lot, but they are thought to be the cheapest pack on the market right now.

Plus you know you’re getting great quality toilet roll for less!

If the pack will come in handy for your family, you can get your hands on them both in-store and online now, best be quick though, offer ends 7th August.

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