Shop Smart on Black Friday with Which?

Shop Smart on Black Friday with Which?

We all love a good bargain but can you spot a fake deal? Find out how to shop smart on Black Friday with Which? to ensure you save the ££’s rather than lose them.

I love Which?, their guides are super helpful and are perfect to refer to if you’re not sure about something. They have plenty of guides out there that can help you on a wide range of subjects including helping you find the best price on products as well as doing reviews on thousands of items to let you know which is the best value for money.

They have an AMAZING offer on right now which entitles you to sign up their free trial for only £1. During this time you will have full access to every area of their website, be able to see all of their guides, reviews and product comparisons.

Their Black Friday help guide is very interesting as it compares some products that you may see in Black Friday sales this year but you may be surprised which is the better item!

So how can you check if a deal is genuine?

Which? have a full guide on how to check a deal is genuine which will help you massively in the run up to Black Friday.

The tips include price checking the price across multiple shops, check the history of the prices, be wary of RRP’s and they also have a list of website which can help you check price history and where they are cheapest right now.

Don’t be fooled by deals which discount from the RRP’s when the product has been widely available for less than the RRP for some time.

Products I should be looking out for this Black Friday

Some of the hot products this year you should be watching out for are Dyson Supersonic hair dryer as it has not been reduced since it’s launch in June 2016.

Sage Nutri Jucier Pro is also another product you should be looking out for, this one is more powerful and has a bigger motor so you will get the best value for money with this juicer.

For more products to look out for visit the Which? website here…

So how can I guarantee I get a bargain on Black Friday?

Which? have a full list of tips to help you get the most out this years Black Friday event including doing your research in advance, checking out the price history of products on some website they recommend and checking out reviews to ensure you aren’t going to get stuck with a poor product that was cheap because it isn’t a very product.

Don’t be tempted to impulse spend just because something looks like a bargain. Ask yourself if you need it, will use it or if it would make a good present for someone.

Which? have so much advice, reviews, comparisons and so much more which can help you make an informed decision in the run up to Black Friday. if you’re interested in their £1 trial offer then click here for more information.


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